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Accidents and injuries caused by allowing someone to drink alcohol in excess can lead to serious harm.

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What is Dram Shop Liability?

Dram shop laws in Alabama serve to protect the public from irresponsible bar owners and service staff. The Alabama Dram Shop Act looks to hold both bar owners and servers accountable for serving alcohol to minors or to individuals who are clearly already drunk. For dram laws to apply, an intoxicated person must be involved in a drunk driving accident that causes injuries or kills another person.

How Do I Prove Dram Shop Liability?

Alabama Dram Shop laws require a Plaintiff to show that their injuries were because a tavern owner or server  ‘over-served’ the person who caused the auto accident. Dram shop laws in Alabama make it a requirement that bar owners cannot simply sit back and watch as an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel of their vehicle and attempts to drive drunk.

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